Walking the Neighborhoods !!

My wife rarely comes on any walks with me because mainly for two reasons she can not handle the distances, I cover and finds it hard to keep up with me but when, I ask her let's go for a slow pace walk around the neighborhoods and check out what flowers are blooming in people's front yards, then she will be all for it and the neighborhood people don't mind you admiring there flower gardens and taking a couple of snap shots.





This makes a interesting walk because we both get to see some flowers that we maybe haven't seen bloomed before depending on what season of the year it is, we will always see some different and beautiful flowers that leave us baffled trying to work out there names and even google get's it confused. I am not going to attempt naming all these flowers some we do know by names but not all of them, if you do know the names of any particular flower you like in this post please share the names with us. These next flowers though, I do think we are all familiar with the Frangipani flowers that come in a variety of colors.

As we walked further into the neighborhoods, it was all getting very exciting seeing all these pretty colorful flowers all in full bloom even though we are at the beginning of winter we are still getting beautiful sunny blue skies, a little cooler but it doesn't seem to be worrying these flowers.

These are what we call the wattle tree bottle brush flower in Australia, it's a beautiful native flower that comes in many beautiful colors they are great to have in a tall vase for decorations in the house down the hallway as a dry flower that can last for years.

The biggest surprise of our walk was this white house with a white picket fence and these amazing white roses in full bloom growing over this picket fence, just made the whole house sparkle was beautiful to look at and the fragrance from these white roses was just delightful.




It was funny this particular street they should have named Rose Street, seemed to be almost everyone having a competition on who could grow the most roses and most colorful roses, just about nearly every house, in this street had roses growing in there front yards was like walking through the garden of roses and the aromas from these roses were just flabbergasting.




By this time we had covered about 2km we decided to take the next left turn and walk back towards home, I didn't want my wife getting to much heat exhaustion and then suffer from headaches.

After getting back home it was time for a beer and a cup of tea for the wife, we sat on our balcony admiring our beautiful flowers in the garden and were happy with our beautiful colorful afternoon walk.






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