Amazing Nature Contest : Sumatran Iguana


The amazing side is that it's my first time seeing it. Actually, I didn't know that this type of reptile was on the island where we lived. Even when my friend, @vannour, told me he had seen the iguana, I denied it. Seriously? My friend then pointed to the direction where the iguana was perched. I was shocked. Oh my, this is amazing! I just really believed that this unique animal is on our island.

At that time, we were on a visit to a rainforest on the west coast of Sumatra, to be precise in the central Tapanuli area. Where we saw the iguana was a mountain near the sea or a promontory in Tapian Nauli Bay. To the north of the mountain flows a river with swamps of nipah forest, nibung and other aquatic vegetation on both banks. The river is known as the Lumut river. From this headland towards the sea there are stunning islands.




I then tried to find information about the unique lizards in the area. And it turns out, a German adventurer, Franz Junghuhn, in his book published in 1874, Die Battalander auf Sumatra, has described how the iguana peeked from behind the trees as he passed the Lumut river by boat!



I am obviously very happy to see this amazing reptile. It perches quietly as I take the pictures. I aimed at the face with astonishing eyes. Glance like a gecko. While the erect fins on the back make this lizard look extraordinary. The color is interesting too, from a little distance away, it looks green, but when it comes closer, the gray color looks more pronounced, as well as the yellow spots on the belly.



Being able to see this iguana in the Sumatran rainforest was an extraordinary moment for me. This is a bit of a story that I brought home from our visit to the west coast of Sumatra and I dedicated it to Amazing Nature.