Enjoy the beauty of Kadam flowers on a rainy afternoon

It is raining in Bangladesh now. On a rainy day in the rainy season, one can see Kadam flowers blooming in the trees in the rural areas of Bengal. In the nature of Bengal, Bengali and Kadamful should be tied in the same thread. The beauty and fragrance of Kadam flower seems to captivate the mind. The fragrance of Kadam flower makes the mind happy towards nature.




During the monsoon season, white and yellow Kadam flowers bloom on the Kadam trees in rural areas. The sight of small children of the village collecting Kadam flowers from under the Kadam tree catches the eye. There are also scenes of young children picking flowers from trees and playing with them. Many small boys and girls collect Kadam flowers and make garlands from them and sell them in the park or on the city streets.




In the past, at the beginning of the rainy season, an extraordinary flower scene was seen in the rural areas. But times have changed, we are modernizing. And that is why we are cutting down the wood trees in the house and building a house there. As a result, some beauty of Bengal is being lost. Kadamful is one of them.




At the beginning of each year, Kadam flowers can be seen on the trees. In the city this flower is seen to be sold to many small baby boys and girls. This flower is like a round ball of yellow and white color which is seen in the huts of many girls. This flower is so beautiful that it attracts and fascinates anyone.

Yesterday afternoon, when I was walking on the rural road, I suddenly saw this flowering tree. These flowers blooming under the green leaves looked very good from a distance. I liked it a lot. So after trying for a long time from the road, I collected a Kadam flower from a branch below. I also enjoy the beauty for a while.

I used to play a lot with this flower as a child. I used to collect Kadam flowers and play with the petals of Kadam flowers. Once the petals of the Kadam flower were picked, a small round ball-shaped object could be found and I would play with it like a ball. Now these are just memories.

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