Walking In Amazing Landscapes Of Nature

April 13, 2022

I know a lady who likes roaming around the city, feeling the aircon inside malls and other landmarks, and doesn't like going to the countryside as she doesn't want to get bitten by insects and be toasted under the scorching sun. That's really absurd because real paradise can be found in nature and places away from the city.

Most people often like wandering around cities and exploring skyscrapers with incredible architecture. Technology greatly impacts our perspective on the world, our way of thinking, and our sense of choices. Well, who wouldn't be stunned by amazing innovation in this modern era? It seems like we are living in a different world where everything is under control by technology and we couldn't stop the world from innovating. It is undeniable that one day, the world will be run by robots.

And I can't deny the fact that I also admire innovations in this modern world and am amazed at how people can create extraordinary things with their amazing minds and skills. However, as a nature-lover and introverted, I like peaceful places away from the bustling and hustling cities. And I preferably like staying in a tranquil place somewhere in the countryside away from the toxic vibes of the city.


We shouldn't leave nature behind and take it for granted. Because the truth is, it can be our real therapy. Besides, everything starts from nature that in later stages has been transformed into products of technology and innovation.


Walking in nature is my therapy, my way of releasing stress and negative thoughts. The vibrant colors of green spaces, calming lakes, rivers, and sea, the colorful flowers, and trees, as well as the blue skies, all of them are my natural therapy for my exhausted mind and body.


Although time runs continuously like flowing water, if I am with nature, it seems like it paces so slowly. I just let the time flow while seizing every moment and capturing every amazing piece of nature. And that's another wonder of nature. It heals, it restores, it calms our toxic mind and body.


It's amazing how raging water flows and splashes beautifully into rocks and corners of the sea. You wouldn't think it is dangerous, you would rather go nearer to take a closer look at its beauty.


The soft and fine sand, the cool breeze, and the big waves of the blue ocean would make me want to dive into it, regardless of the restrictions. I just want to glide on the water to relieve my tired body.


And with nature, I always forget about toxic work and the world for a while before I go back to reality at the end of the journey. And at the end of the day, I feel truly happy after being connected with nature and it plays an important role in my life. It somehow helps me restore my well-being and help me perceive the beauty of the world and divert negativity into positive ones.


That's the amazing wonder of nature. It helps us become healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Hello Hivers! This is my entry to the Amazing Nature Contest. If you want to join as well, you can click the given link and collect your amazing photos and stories about nature.

I bet @farmgirl @Coquicoin and @TengoLotodo know this?

So @bucipuci, here's my entry šŸ˜


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