How Nature Reminds Us About Things In Life (Amazing Nature: Free Topic)

June 18, 2022


After creating nature, God created humans, thus, all of us are sharing and living in the same home, and that is Earth. And we, living creatures of God are mutually linked and dependent upon each other. We can not live without nature and nature needs humans to take care of it.

For example, humans and animals need plants for the reproduction of oxygen. Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide released by animals, humans, and carbon monoxide released by non-living creatures is being absorbed by plants. Even insects are important in pollination and seed dispersal that is essential in providing food and shelter for organisms. And Earth without the sun and moon's energy, and rain is nothing but just a ball of stone.

The Nature Of Life and Death

We will never appreciate life if we don't appreciate nature because we are interconnected and interdependent upon each other, and we all follow the same path.

We were created by the same God

We live on the same Earth

We grow and survive

We reproduce and restore

We die and will rot under the Earth

But as the world faces a new era, humans indulge in the comfort of technology and they less appreciate the importance of nature. Nature was used for granted, for humans' greediness, to obtain money, and power. The situation of this surface of the Earth has been widely different compared to when it was created. Nature is perishing because of humans. Humans are dying because of their negative doings against nature.

Who is suffering the most? It's the Mother Earth.

We All Are Created For A Reason

Nature was created to give life to this world and humans were created to take care of the nature of the Earth.

And unbeknownst to humans, nature was also created to teach us about life and how to appreciate it, because both need each other to survive in this world.

Every time we connect with nature, we are always amazed by its beauty and mystify by how it endures and dwells with the dirt of the Earth. How it survives from the devastation created by humans and from the natural phenomena of the world. How they regenerate to give life to the Earth and support the lives of humans. We all just stand in front of nature and appreciate its beauty.

But have we ever thought about the real importance and connection of nature to us humans? How nature was created so that, we humans, will learn how to appreciate our lives as well? Just like how we appreciate the beauty of nature.

Each living creature of nature signifies the meaning of life, IF, we just look behind its beauty.

The Tree: Life, Growth, and Strength


The tree symbolizes life and it reminds us to obtain self-growth and gain more strength to conquer the battles of life and withstand the havoc that the world gives us.

Just like a tree, we all start as small, delicate, and grows over time. We grow upward not downward and it shows how we gain knowledge and experiences throughout our lifetime, how we develop self-growth. And our different experiences shape us into who we are today, just like how storms and strong winds shape a tree. It is also unique just like us, as we all have unique characteristics that no one in this world has. An apple tree is different from a banana tree, just like how different we are from other people.

A tree has its roots, branches, and leaves, that represent our family. It shows that even if a tree is standing alone in the middle of nowhere, it has its roots, branches, and leaves that support its body. Just like how our family supports us every time we feel like being alone and lonely. The roots represent our father, as they hold tightly and strong under the ground so we won’t fall during any havoc. The branches are our siblings, they let themselves sway and flutter in the breeze on windy days and they won't leave us alone. And the leaves represent our mother, they always spread widely to cover our body and to protect us from every storm.

Just like a tree, we should always stand strong and tall no matter what storms and any devastation come into our lives. Just like a tree, we should always remain calm and still despite the chaos of the world.

The Flower: Beauty, and Confidence


Flowers give beauty and colors to the world. Without them, the world would be so dull and lifeless. There are thousands of types of flowers, and each flower symbolizes different things. Roses symbolize love, desire, and passion. A lotus flower symbolizes long life, purity, and beauty. A daisy symbolizes innocence as it opens in the morning and closes at night. A lily symbolizes humility and sweetness, etc.

But do you know what flower teaches humans?

Flowers are unique and have their own beauty. They remind us to be confident and appreciate our own beauty. And even what kind of flower they are, how dirty their roots, petals, and leaves are, they remain beautiful and blooming. Flowers appreciate their own beauty, so we should do the same. We all are beautiful in the eyes of God and there is no such thing as ugly.

Just like flowers, we should remain beautiful, pure, and full of confidence despite being surrounded by the dirt of life, the criticism, and other dirty things thrown at us by other people. Just like how the lotus flower appears on the surface beautifully and strong, and untouched by the dirty water.

The Mountain: Dreams, Hope, and Faith


Every time we see a mountain, what does it symbolize to us? Stillness? Motionless? Permanence? Higher perspectives? Obstacles? Beauty? Summit? Or closeness to God and contact between heaven and Earth?

We have different points of view when it comes to giving meaning to mountains and it's a great representation of human life. It represents our dreams, perseverance, obstacles, and success.

Mountain is indeed captivating and amazing, just like our life. We dream as high as the mountain, but the course in reaching the summit can be arduous. When climbing over a mountain, we encounter many challenges - the arduous and stony trail, precarious path, the highs, and lows, dangerous cliffs, tall grasses, foggy view, tough obstacles, treacherous terrain, and we might even encounter vicious animals along the way.

And sometimes when we reach a certain spot, we thought that we are near the summit, but as we go along, we realize that it is still far. Our faith will be tested, some will give up their journey as they are already exhausted, but some will continue and hoping to reach their ideal destination, the summit. And once we reach the peak, we will witness the amazing beauty on top of the mountain, and we will feel like our hard work is well be paid off.

Just like in life, we have so many obstacles and challenges that come in our way that we need to surpass and they are testing our hope and faith. It is always rewarding once we successfully pave the obstacles in our way and reach the summit of success. And if we have strong faith, we can surpass the mountains of obstacles in life.

The River: Time, and Freedom


The river is a powerful component of nature that evokes meaning to us. It can signify the journey of life, and the calmness and murky waters can represent our emotions.

But have you heard the quote saying:

Time is precious and always running. The river reminds us to always treasure and to enjoy every single moment of our lives. Because we don't hold the future, we don't know what lies ahead, we don't know what tomorrow will bring to us, and we don't own our life, it is just borrowed, time will come that we have to return it and bid goodbye to this world. We should cherish every single second, a single minute, a single hour, a single moment, a single day, with the people we loved.

Because the flow of the river represents the moments of life. Time can be repeated, but the moments that have passed during those times cannot be undone and will never pass again. So as long as we have the opportunity to enjoy our lives, to be with our loved ones, to fulfill our dreams, we should not hesitate to grab them.

And just like the flow of the river, it has its own freedom. Freedom to flow and has no end. It will be connected to another body of water, bigger, wider, and longer. It reminds us that we can achieve freedom if we will just go with the flow of life. Freedom from society, freedom from pressures of life.

We grow, we age, we die, so we should seize every opportunity, enjoy every moment, go with the flow, to achieve real freedom in life.

Raindrops and Bravery


We always have optimistic and pessimistic feelings when raining - peacefulness and calmness, but it can mean sadness, grief, and sorrow. Different thoughts and emotions are filling up our minds like the falling cats and dogs from the sky. Sometimes it's overflowing and washes the remnants of yesterday.

But have you ever thought about why the rain is not afraid of falling?

Because it is meant to fall to give lives to the Earth, that's the purpose of the rain. Raindrops remind us not to be afraid to fall because falling is part of growing up. We fall, we fail, we feel hurt and betrayed, but in every fall, there is always a choice to get up, to reach a helping hand, to grab something to steady, to stop ourselves from falling, or to prepare for the landing.

Falling makes us stronger, IF, we will learn how to handle the fall and make a better version of ourselves, so that next time when we fall again, we are ready to face the ground and pull ourselves up.

Those are just some parts of nature that teach us about life and how to appreciate it.

It is our nature to feel weak and small, but trees remind us to grow upwards, be strong and tall so that we can surpass any storm.

It is our nature to feel insecure and unworthy, but flowers remind us to be confident and appreciate our own beauty, to love ourselves despite being surrounded by the dirt of the Earth.

It is our nature to be unfaithful and doubtful but mountains remind us to have strength and faith in ourselves, that all obstacles can be surpassed if we execute perseverance and determination to reach our goal. We just have to trust the process and believe in ourselves that everything is possible.

It is our nature to be hopeless and take things for granted, but rivers remind us to enjoy our lives, to seize every opportunity, and to go with the flow of the river to achieve freedom and carefree life.

It is our nature to be fearful, but raindrops remind us not to be afraid to fall. Because falling can help us turn into a better one, stronger and bolder than ever before.

Everything in nature is connected to human life.


Just like how a caterpillar flies out from its cocoon teaches us not to hesitate to step out of our comfort zone.

A young bird practicing to fly teaches us not to be afraid to fly and soar higher.

A crawling turtle, snail, and worm that seems like forever teach us to be patient and keep going until we reach our ideal destination.

Even dust has a purpose in this world. Dust particles are essential in rainfall and they are flying everywhere. They only teach us that we can also go everywhere, to our dream places, or anywhere in this world. It also entails that even a least valued particle has an important role in this world.

A rainbow appears every after rain and storm and gives colors to the sky. It reminds us that no matter how stormy our life is, it won't last forever. And every after the storm, sun and rainbow will appear, to give us hope and a new beginning.

A withered and falling leaf reminds us to accept and be prepared for death. We will age, our strong body and beauty will fade, we will get sick and deteriorate, and the time will come that we will bid our sweetest goodbyes to this world. We will have our last fall and we will die.

Nature and humans are interconnected and interdependent upon each other and both need each other to survive in this perilous world. We all are created with a purpose and nature always reminds us to see a positive perspective in everything and to appreciate our lives and the beauty of the world.

So if you are feeling blue, be closer to green, let it heal, restore, and calm your aching body and soul.

Nature is beautiful and amazing just like you 😉

(All photos are mine, except the quotes)


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