Flamingos Flocks Together


20 February 2023

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only your soul can hear."

-Oscar Wilde

I visited Kowloon Park yesterday afternoon in Tsim Sha Tsui for some reason. You probably have read a lot of my blogs about TST recently because there is a lot more to know about this beautiful city and one day isn't enough to visit them all. It was just recently when I learned that there are beautiful flamingos in Hong Kong and they can be found in Tsim Sha Tsui. And that was the main reason why I visited the place.

In my entire life, I never saw real flamingos yet and I never thought I would see them here. Kowloon Park is a huge urban park in TST and there are different zones in this park and a few lakes. In one of those lakes lies a plethora of pink flamingos.


Flamingos live in salt lakes, lagoons, and coastal waters. I am uncertain though if the lakes at this park are natural or human-made because there is an impressive number in this urban park. Honking noises of flamingos covered the place along with the chirps and tweets of other kinds of birds. This zone was for feathered friends.

They looked too cute in their faded pink color, especially when they flap their wings and fly low to another side. However, they seemed to just stay in one zone and doesn't seem to move to another zone. So most of the time, other feathered friends just visit their spot.

There are things I admire about flamingos. They are undoubtedly fabulous in their physical features. And do you know that they could stand up to five feet tall? That is almost as tall as a grown-up kid and just three inches shorter than me, lol. But despite their sizes, they weigh less than ten pounds only. Body-conscious, are they? 😅

Apart from their beautiful features, from legs to beaks, they seem to remind us, humans, to appreciate our own beauty. They are indeed the true beauty of nature. They are graceful when they move, but don't seem to care about their loud noise. And as mentioned above their group seems to be strongly bonded since they don't go to other zones. They are like those who won't leave one behind so they stick together. Something that we should be reminded of.

Have you seen flamingos yet? They are beautiful, aren't they?

This is my entry to Amazing Nature Free Topic for this week.

Happy new week everyone.

(All photos are mine)



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