Finding Comfort In Nature (Entry To Amazing Nature Contest: Free Topic)

May 25, 2022

There are different things we find comfort in. Some would find comfort in their own abode, some while listening to a certain genre of music that is soothing to their ears, some find comfort in food, some find comfort with their fur babies, some find comfort in yoga, meditating or praying, while some find comfort in doing an act of kindness and being grateful for everything.

Thinking about something I find comfort in, the first thing that came to my mind is my own room. Well, I can do anything in my room. I can be wild or crazy. I can sing and dance along with every beat of the song without minding other people's ears. It's my room and what I'm doing inside is none of their business.

I could make a drama about the unfortunate things my life gave me. I could contemplate and make realizations about life without others noticing my emotions. I could let my tears shed until it stops and my feelings get better. Or simply, feel the moment, the silence and comfort my room gives me.

But since I am abroad and not in my room (at home), I find comfort in nature.


Others may find it uncomfortable with nature, the dirt paths, or the creepy sounds of different animals and insects from somewhere in the woods, but I am comfortable with the tranquil sceneries it offers me. This is something I never appreciated before in our countryside. Probably because I grew up there and was used to it so I just took it for granted.

But my recent travels helped me realize how important it is in our life and I became more comfortable being in nature. And just like what Nitin Namdeo said, "the more time you spend with nature, the deeper your understanding of life will be."

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I hated my life before. I hated how unfair God is to me for allowing me to suffer and carry burdens that I shouldn't be carrying. I even wanted to stop working and just do things I am happy with without minding other people and the consequences. The main reason? My body got sick and I got tired of everything.

But then I realized that I easily get tired of this unfortunate life because I wasn't enjoying it and I allow negativity to preoccupy my mind. Thus, making my body demotivated to pursue things and goals. Until things got better because I started enjoying life again, without stopping working. It's just a matter of balancing everything without taking one aspect for granted.


Whether you believe it or not, nature heals and is the best therapy and helpful in restoring mind and body, because it helped me appreciate and understand life more positively. And amazingly, nature comforts me with joy and peace. I can even release my frustrations on top of the mountain if I want to. I can play music while hiking or dance there too. I feel safer, albeit the animals hiding in the forest. I feel comfortable and could do anything freely in nature.

The world will not judge me. People won't discriminate against me. No one would mind my business. I am who am I am, nothing hidden, all acts are shown naturally. Even if I am sweating under the scorching sun, I am comfortable in my own skin because no one won't care about it.


Leave the road, take the trails, and live freely and happily in nature!"

This is my entry to Amazing Nature: Free Topic held by @bucipuci.

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