Picnic with the family in a park is extremely enjoyable

Hanging out with family
Hello guys hope you guys are doing great we were getting bored at home so I thought why not take my family to a park so I told them about my thoughts and we started to think where to go and we came to the conclusion to go to the park which is situated in Cantt and then we started packing stuff for the park and then we headed towards the park



My wife had prepared so many fast foods such as burgers and sandwiches and some drinks. my kids love ice cream and there was an ice cream shop there so we decided to eat ice cream too


The weather was overwhelming the skies were looking so elegant and also we decided to stay and watch the sunset because we never experienced sunset .


My kids enjoyed it a lot they were playing having fun and were excited to watch the sunset I love to watch my kids being happy and all smiley and it was a great day and blessing for me as my kids were having a wonderful day.

Taking pictures

We decided to take pictures I took pictures of my kid's nature and stuff as I like nature so I love to take its pictures we took family pictures too.

Going back home

After some time we decided to go home and we headed home at the way back we enjoyed the scenery and got back home

Home sweet home

After I came home I got ready for sleep and before sleeping I thought about today and then I decided to take my family to parks every Sunday because that's what made them happy and I love to make them happy.

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