Universe and Creator....!!!! || "The Universe Series"


According to one of the most widely accepted theories by philosophers on the origin of the universe, the universe is the relative size of the temporal, spatial space in which intelligent beings live, such as stars, planets, galaxies, and living things. ۔
Opinions on the nature of the universe have always been different. Hence, different ancient philosophies and beliefs formed a special concept of the universe, and from its womb, as if modern philosophies and beliefs conceived of the universe (from birth to evolution and end).
Interpretations have been made in different ways and a large number of theories have been devised regarding the beginning and end of the universe. Some have claimed that the universe created itself, while others have said that God, the "wise cause", exists. Its creator, while all religions around the world also believe that God is the creator and owner of the universe (style and interpretation may be their own).

In the past, there has been disagreement over whether the universe is eternal, or whether it has been created. According to the laws of physics, if the universe were eternal, it would have reached the stage of equilibrium by now. Not only would there be a single mass, all its attributes and properties would be the same, but its temperature would also be the same because the heat is transferred from the hot body to the cold body in such a way that the temperature of the two bodies is finally balanced. In the same way, matter moves from a high-density region to a low-density region and eventually it becomes equilibrium - this clearly means that the universe is not eternal because it is still in a state of some kind of perpetual equilibrium. Has not been reached and the prospects are never seen in the future.

Apart from this, there are four theories that discuss the existence of the universe. Through these four theories, we can refute all the other theories that do not tell us anything about the origin of the universe, which are:


1- The universe created itself.
2- Another universe created the universe.
3- The universe came into being from non-existence.
4- God or the wise cause created it.

The first theory:

The universe cannot create itself because it did not exist, so how can something that does not exist exist? The act of invention cannot take place without the subject, because there is no subject to perform it.

The second theory:

This theory is not much different from the first theory because if another universe has caused the existence of this universe, then who created the first universe? That is why we call this theory irrational and it is out of the question.

The third theory:

The intellect does not accept the existence of anything from non-existence, if we make a chair but we have neither wood nor nails nor any kind of metal nor anything else --- because it is impossible So we call it out of the question.

The fourth theory:

This is the only perfect theory that is plausible and more convincing than all the other theories through arguments that there is no one who can create, run and create living beings and bring them to an end. There must be someone and this "someone" is God according to religions or in other words "Creator and Master".

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