Small-flowered catchfly

I was looking for wild garlic flowers when I saw this little one. Not exactly the same, but among the tall green grasses it looked nice. And when summer comes, and there is less and less blooms around, you shoot what you can :)

Silene gallica

Silene gallica wildflower 1.jpg

I saw those in light purple too in some different location. And google says there is also a type with lovely, dark red spots on the petals. Hopefully I will be able to shoot them one day too.

Silene gallica wildflower 2.jpgSilene gallica wildflower 3.jpg

It is a common weed also called Small-flowered catchfly and native to most parts of Europe and North Africa. It likes sandy soil, but it doesn't seem to be very picky about where it grows.
Blooming starts in late February in the warmer parts of Europe and lasts for a few months until about July. This is also the time when the green part of the plan grows and produce seeds.
The cycle repeats every year.

Silene gallica wildflower 5.jpg

The lowers are not very big, but I like how they are placed on the stem. And of course they are fuzzy! :)

Silene gallica wildflower 4.jpg

Right next to it I saw those evil looking seed pods. They belong to Erodium - wild Geranium plant. It always amazes me how such tiny, cute flower produces those pods.

wild geranium seedpods 1.jpg

wild geranium seedpods 2.jpg

Here is the flower shot some other time. There was no fresh flowers around anymore.

Geranium Erodium moschatum 3.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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