Planika - Edelweiss

This sturdy yet beautiful small bush of planika flowers, internationally known as Edelweiss, represents many things to me.

Mountains, freedom, nature, perseverance, life, independence, ... Don't ask me what connections my brain does to come up with these associations. It's natural 😃

I tried to make a close-up/macro shot of these tiny beauties yet didn't succeed. This was the best shot.

It's hard to get focus on a white-on-white object with a smartphone camera ...

Two small bushes of planikas grow and prosper by the shepherd's hut on the Grohot mountain below Mount Raduha.

Planikas are protected and mustn't be picked. Growing them like this is a great way to preserve them.

So, next time you are in the vicinity you know where to go to admire planikas.

Ps: panorama photos of Mount Raduha will follow in the next post.

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