my entry amazing nature challenge 2 roots

just north goa there is a wonderful beach. the southern part is shiroda beach and the northern part is arawali beach but together they are locally known as paradise beach. one of the reasons for that is the coniferous forest along the shiroda section. the trees, in marathi called suru, provide a popular park area right on the shore. the specially adapted root systems of the trees enable to grow quite tall on pure beach sand. not only is the soil salty and very poor in nutrients but the trees are exposed to severe seasonal storms as well. no other species of trees are able to survive these conditions, even the parasitic fig trees which attempt to grow off the suru are not able to establish roots in the ground.
it is a very dry area for most of the year but during monsoon small ponds form such that some of the trees stand in water for about 3 months. all visitors appreciate the shade the trees provide but i am not sure how many appreciate the challenges the trees must overcome to thrive is this environment. but the very visible root systems are key to their survival strategy.



since the trees closest to the sea are more exposed to erosion eventually many do blow over in storms. yet sometimes the root systems are so strong that the trunk breaks instead of being uprooted.

so if you ever come and enjoy paradise beach have a walk among the trees and consider how amazing they are