An Introduction Post By Me : emmainiobong3

Hello, members of amazing nature community, I am Iniobong Emmanuel, a computer engineer and an agriculturist. I have always been a lover of plant creations by the most high God. All things on earth that have life in them were all created by a supreme bieng. I found it amazing to see them which also prompted me to look for the best community here on Ecency.


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Still about me, I've lived in the southern part of Nigeria, Akwaibom state precisely for my studies in pursuit for the award of a degree in computer engineering. but I'm currently based in the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

I am a new member of this community called amazing nature due to my love for plants. As events always has it that every speaker gets introduced, I am using this medium to introduce myself properly in this community.

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I will like to talk about my color, as they always say, change is constant, my best color while in my university days was green because I love plant and had a small farm in my school.

My best colour is maroon which doesn't implies that I don't still love plants. I love plants still and I am interested in farming as well.

Taken with smartphone Techno PoP5

My best food is rice with stew, prepared with salad along side local fowl meat and chilled bottle of beer. I always prefer when it is served hot wish fish as well. Still about me, I love reading as well.

I am a writer and lover of books, I have written two books namely "basics of computer" and "statistical analysis" which I was not able to complete the whole book as a result of my computer system that crashed recently.

The book titled "basics of computer" is also inline with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). It is a book recommended for school kids, young ones and adults to understand the fundamentals of computer.

I am also a lover of anything that flies like flights. I love airplanes. I like to be a pilot in future but thinking of how to become that.
I've been seeking opportunity to find scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. But I hope I will meet my dream helper one day.

I am glad to be in this community and thereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations that governs the community.

One last thing, I haven't talked about my engineering specialization. I am the one you see in the picture below. I love to fix computer systems too.

I'm glad to be in a community I love. I just wish it could be a real physical community where I can be able to pay each an every one a courtsey visit to his or her apartment.

My aim of been here is to post articles related to nature and it's amazing look. I pledge to be loyal in this community.

Thanks for having me once again. Here are,

Links to my contents

Statistical Analysis Content

Basics of computer content








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