Amazing Nature - Heron, Cormorant and Ducks!

I popped down to one of my local ponds to find the regular visiting heron there.

It was looking for lunch I think. Even though they dine mostly on fish they also go for frogs, snails, worms, insects etc. Quite a few things are on the menu really. I'm a bit of a wuss as I don't like to see anything being killed.

Here the heron is sharing the tree with a cormorant. The heron looks more like a vulture with its hunched back.

A few female mallards just chillin' or perhaps they're trying a bit of log rolling? Females are brown in colour, but have a small patch of purple and blue on their feathers. They are funny little characters.

It's quite a busy little pond compared to my village ponds. Unfortunately, they put blue dye in my ponds to keep the algae down, but I think it kills off the food chain for the ducks.

Photos for #amazingnature by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.

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