Amazing Nature-September 2020 #4

This is my entry for this week amazing nature contest. I thank @adalger for initiating this kind of contest and to the other members of the curator teams.

This place in Shinagawa Station is one of the tourist attraction in this ward. A lot of travelers flocked to stop by to see the animals and mammals kept for entertainment, amazing views of the deep inner world and attractions for family trips especially to children’s fun and recreational purposes. Shinagawa Aqua Park has lots to offer like dolphins, different colors of algae, deep sea fishes, penguins, stingrays and many more attractions.

I’ve took a lot of photos while watching these animals and mammals inside but I just want to share the spectacular image of algae’s kept underground in different colors and the astonishing kinds of algae’s species. Here are the photos:

This deep sea algae has a green color image being reflected by lights or maybe its original color. I don’t know if it’s real color or not for I have just watched them inside this thick glass tank and has no idea of its origin. They do have the specific names but during those times, since I was just looking and enjoying their view never in my mind occurred to take notes of their given names. Anyway let’s continue with the other algae’s I have watched during those times...

This orange like or mandarin algae were sceptic moving slowly swaying and dancing as if it knew me watching them taking pictures for I clearly photographed its movement while mingling with others.

The pink or fuchsia red color of these algae were very lovely to my eyes for I love this color so much. Their shape was smaller than the mandarin. I like watching them floating and swaying to the water current inside, I enjoyed so much watching their movements.

This one has long tentacles that looked like of the squids. The body shape differs from the others and the color blue seemed fit to its image.

That’s all for today’s amazing nature community contest. Hope that you like the photos. Thanks for dropping by. All photos are original of iPhone 7 Plus.