Let me have the Raindrops on behalf of you

After getting back to Hive, I was looking for a good topic to start over my journey again as I was absent from this platform for having high fever. The first thing which grabbed my attention was the post of my dear friend's @jelenaa who wrote about the nature. I made up my mind to participate in the competition named Amazing Nature Contest: FREE TOPIC - #1/5/22.

There were many options and I choose Philosophy department added with some romance this time to express my feelings to the girl whom I haven’t met yet. So this message belongs to her. The beautiful raindrops will carry that message to her. Hope she can read this through hive. Finger crossed. Let's start.


Dear Heartbeat,
When I woke up from bed today, I found that the morning had already taken shower. The rain had done it’s job. The nature is completely looking fresh. No dust and no dullness there. I was looking all around and feeling the nature. Suddenly my eyes got stuck in the stem of this guava plant. A last drop of rain was still there. Not falling but gaining it’s momentum. It reminded me about you. The unknown girl whom I never met. The only drop of rain who was waiting for me. All the drops fell but it didn’t like you. All have found the one but you are waiting for me. That's the prettiest thing.


Dear gorgeous, our long awaited love will be awesome and spread the affection to every corner of our life like these leaves. Imagine the leaves are me and the raindrops are you. See, how closely we are connected and how effectively we are staying together. I can say together and forever after watching it. This is what I desire. To be with you, to stay with you, to spread the fragrance of love, to mix with you, to hold you strongly like the drops of the rain on the leaves.


Our life itself will bloom like the flower in the picture as the nature showered it with it’s unmatched care. The rain helped it to remove all toxic things and show the glowing way of nature. It reminded the flower that it’s job is to bloom and make the nature look awesome. Well hello, we will be following the same thing. You and me, together will make the life blooming and glowing. The soft sweetness will emerge the beautiful part of our life. While the flower bloomed and added beauty to the nature, your smile will do more than that in my life. I would be so happy and trust me, I'm waiting for this very moment.


Dear cute one, are you looking at the picture? Green leaves drenched in rain while having many pearls like raindrops on them. This will be the example set by us. Our joint journey and beautiful aura will inspire others to live a happy and blessed life. They will be looking like this way, holding the raindrops on them, waiting for each other. The greenish, wet aurora of raindrops will mesmerize the world.


Now, it's the time to end of this word game and see my sky is as gloomy as the sky. Let me wait for you as I know that one rainy morning there will be the desired knock at my door. There will be the charismatic rain and I will see the raindrops on your face. Let me wait for the day, let me wait for you, let me have the raindrops for this moment now.


All the pictures here in this article belong to me.



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