Nature Gemz- Collection #2

Hey guys, random nature gemz collector back with this week’s gemz. I initially planned to make this post a flower appreciating post, but seeing that I don’t have enough flower photos, and I left campus (where I was exposed to varieties of flowers I had wanted to show you guys), I figured I shouldn’t just leave the pictures I do have to rot in my gallery. So I’ll be showing you the flowers and other random shots I took the past few weeks since the last edition.

Flower Depository

Okay so let’s kick things off with the flowers shall we? I should mention though that these are not aesthetic flowers like roses, but are just flowers of some flowering plants growing on crops around my school campus.

This one right here, caught my attention when I was going to campus for a lab session with my project supervisor. Darn I said I wasn’t going to talk about school anymore but it seems to just pop up all the time.

Anyways, back to it. What caught my attention in particular about this flower was the inner red design or whatever that thing on the inside is. I just had to come take a closer look. Lucky for me, my camera saw it with almost as much detail as my eye did, as you can see in the picture. I took two shots from the same angle but at different distance and with different camera lenses, and I played around a bit with the editing to produce more detail. Not sure if my editing made it look better or worse though, but here’s what I came out of the editor with.

Just as I turned around to walk out of the grass, I saw this other flower, this time an okro plan’s, and I couldn’t resist it either, so I did my thing. Just like I did with the first one, I took two pictures from the same angle, but with different lenses and did a bit of editing to give them a final touch. And here’s what I got. The next one is a caterpillar so if you’re afraid of caterpillars or don’t like them, this is a warning to close your eyes and scroll down two landscape pictures worth of scrolling lol.


Now I know a lot of people like don’t like caterpillars, me included, but this little fella here had the most beautiful colors I’ve seen on a caterpillar, so I thought he was worth a shot. The crazy thing is, I found him when I went to buy food with @nhaji01. It was crawling toward a tree near a bush in the area, and I had to stop him to pose for the gram lol. I asked nicely for these pictures:)

I took one shot from the top, then I flipped him over with a stick, and took another one of his bottom. Aren’t his tiny legs just cute?

One detail I normally don’t notice on caterpillars that I did one this one was the hair-like strands emerging from the orange pine-shaped structures on it’s back. Not sure if that’s a common thing all caterpillars have, but it definitely made this guy here very nice.

Night Owl (Hedgehog)

Both myself and this hedgehog right here are two lucky fellas, because instead of posting pictures of him, I almost would’ve been writing about turning him into past tense, with some spines in my feet as souvenirs lol.

You see, I was on my way to grab me some food in the night when I noticed what felt like something moving in the bush just outside my hostel. It was dark, and I didn’t have a torch on, so I turned my phone’s torch on and to my surprise, it was a hedgehog making his way into the bush, and as immediately I turned my lights on, he stopped moving.

I’m guessing he was hoping I wouldn’t notice it was him if he wasn’t moving, but I did unfortunately. I was careful not to touch him, and stole a few shots from behind him and 3 from in front of him, where a bit of his nose was revealed if you zoom in.

Then I went in for a closer look, and he curled himself in the moment I touched him. His feet and everything were already on the ground, so he basically just oriented himself in a way that his spines covered them, and the only part of him visible were the spines. Lol that didn’t stop me from picking him up though. He did have some ants crawling all over him when I picked him up though.

I wondered whether to put him back down and let him be on his way or to keep him as a pet. But then I realized I knew nothing about keeping a pet hedgehog or petting any sort of animal for that matter, so I figured it’d be best for both of us if I just let him go. So I put him back down, and said goodbye. He definitely said goodbye back because he was no one in the area an hour later when I returned. Probably run off as soon as he heard the fading footsteps.

I wasn’t really sure whether I should add this part in or not, but like I said, didn’t want to leave any of my pictures sitting in my gallery so here it is.

I was surprised to find a cricket fly onto me whiles I was walking, and made himself right at home. I noticed movement on my shirt, and stopped to find out it was actually just a cricket. I took a few shots as it walked around on me, but our little friendship ended rather soon when he started making his way for an opening to the inside of my shirt.

Unfortunately I don’t have any ssssscorpions in this collection for @mipiano as payback for calling me to that ssssnake last time. You got lucky this time. Maybe next time😏.

Okay guys, this is this week's collection of nature gemz, and maybe I’ll see you in the next post (which I doubt will happen soon since I’m home and cut off from experiencing nature as much as I did on campus). Thanks for going through this long ass post with me. Have a great day!

All pictures in this post were taken using my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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