A rosebush in my office

Hello friends of Amazing Nature community.
Today, I want to talk about how to bring nature into the office. .


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The office is the place where we spend most of the day. Sometimes it is the place where we spend the most hours, for it is important to make this place a pleasant space with elements that allow us to relax. Some offices have a good view of external landscapes with nature. Other offices have windows facing a landscape of pure buildings and concrete. A whole "concrete jungle".

One of the ways to have nature next to your pc can be a vase with beautiful flowers. I like roses. The roses are very pretty. Every time I go by the flower shop, there is a great variety.



But, I think that having flowers in this way in the office is not the best since they are a continuous expense and after a few days the flowers die. So I decided to have a mini-rosebush.

When I bought it, its size seemed ideal to have it in a part of the desk. However, it is a plant that needs a lot of care, and this is where its de-stressing function comes into play.



It is wonderful to see day by day how this plant, a living being, transforms. Its leaves are growing, and buds are about to bloom.


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This mini-rosebush needs a temperate environment so, it is not suitable for air-conditioned offices below 20ºC. Although, they can be in the shade, twice a week I place it in the window so that it gets sunlight, but in the morning hours, since its leaves and flowers are so delicate that the intense midday sun withers its leaves.

As for watering, it should not be abundant moistening the soil is enough. I water it twice a week

This type of plant is known as a miniature rose or cupcake rose. It is a hybrid that allows it to bloom at least twice a year and emanate a delicious aroma. Can you imagine how relaxing it is to work with this delicate aroma? It is a magnificent experience.


Also, when I want to take a break and get away from it all, just by looking at my little rose bush, I feel a sense of relaxation. Not surprisingly because the psychology of color refers to the fact that the color pink brings calm and serenity.



Throughout this month, this plant has given me 7 roses. Already this week several of its mini roses are losing their leaves, indicate that another fun stage is coming...it will be time to prune it, fertilize it, and take care of it so that in a few months, it can bloom again.

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This plant is not only ornamental but also therapeutic, it makes me feel in full contact with nature despite being in the office. I think it is a more ecological way than a vase with flowers that will later die. Here I have the opportunity to be responsible for my plant to last as long as possible.


Many people when they see my mini-roses on my desk say that it is a rose bonsai, a misnomer but well, I imagine that it is a compliment to this beautiful plant that is a curiosity of nature, that deserves to be shared in this wonderful community.


Thanks for reading. See you in a future post!
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cintillo_flores-removebg-preview (1).png

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