A wasp in my house

Greetings nature lovers! Today I want to share with you the pictures of a wasp that visits my house daily.


It is a shoe wasp, as it is called in Venezuela, is a beautiful insect that lives in community. Its hive is on the neighbor's roof.


Watching this insect drink water from my kitchen and move to its hive with its beautiful wings delights me. It does not really represent a danger to my family, because if it does not feel threatened it would not attack.


These wasps are large, approximately 3 centimeters long. And their color is dark to camouflage themselves. They are ant hunters, so they help in pest control at home. Their wings are what I like the most. It makes me think how amazing nature is and I am happy to see this little friend flying out the window.



I know wasps can get to stick their stinger in, but as I said if it doesn't feel threatened it won't do it.


I wish I could capture your hive in a photograph, but it is in a place that is unreachable for me. I am content to watch this little friend come and go from my kitchen.

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