Old Age Comes With a Price

I have come to the point where I can confirm that, yes, old age comes with a price, as everything in life comes with a price. The price, this time, is imprinted on us, on our bodies, on our appearance. Of course, it differs from person to person but essentially the same thing happens.

All these thoughts came to me on my most recent holiday, in Balchik, Bulgaria. Balchik is a resort on the Black Sea but at the same time, it is a small town where the former summer residence of Queen Maria of Romania, the last and most important queen of Romania, is located. The residence consists of extensive gardens where the Queen's Castle, called by her "The Quiet Nest", stands.


Visiting this place I saw some trees, certainly older than a hundred years, which showed me the signs of old age on them.


When I look at this tree I can see my bones starting to warp, I can see the desire to go further, higher, and the feeling that this is no longer possible.


What's strange is that no matter how old you are, you often don't understand, don't accept it and in our brain remains an image and a force that no longer exists. The desire for life, which in trees manifests itself in the desire to reach as high as possible, towards the sky.


All these thoughts relate to my own old age sneaking up on me but I prefer to exemplify the transformations brought about by age with the help of trees, much more beautiful and dignified in this pose.


Fortunately, I can still travel and enjoy it and I see the image of old age on the trees as an advertisement and an invitation to keep looking for beauty, the beauty of nature and of the world, everywhere. Like in this garden of Queen Mary's Castle. I find it a privilege to walk through the places where the Queen was at home, the places the Queen loved very much.


Perhaps at these dried-up springs and cists, she rested and cooled her face during the hot summer days.


Coming back to our old age, people, let me tell you what a good friend of mine says about it...

If I catch the one who says that old age is wonderful, see what correction I will apply!


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