The Irises Bloom Again!


It's Been A Whole Year ..

I always look forward to the spring because of the warmer weather and longer days, but also for the Irises that bloom like clockwork. I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since they last showed their pretty colors; Mostly purple, whites and yellows. Such a delight and mood booster to see the buds rise to the sky and open in the warm glorious rays of springtime sun.

And of course there is Molly and her lack of interest in such things.

It Started With A Handful Of Buds ..


They sprouted right up, quick and fierce in their move toward the daylit skies. I saw one or two right away, and then a few more here and there as the week passed by. There appeared to be a dozen or so early risers. Every year we get a handful that open their blooms before the rest. I don't know why this is, other than "That's Nature For Ya!". It's a little tease, or maybe we can call it a prelude to the big showing.



**I was even able to capture Molly in amongst the early Iris blooms. I had to be quick and nimble in order to take a photo of her there. If I waste too much time, she runs and hides. She just doesn't like the camera.

IMG_5902 (2).JPG

Then The Rest of the Flowers Came ..

And they came quick. One day there was nothing and the next the Irises were in full bloom! A sea of white and purple flowers to tickle the visual senses.




And there is little old Molly there in the background. She was wondering what I was looking at and what I was doing. I asked her to come over, but I think she figured out that I had the camera in my hands...

Out to the middle of the yard she ran! Away from daddy and away from the dreaded camera.

It almost appears as if she knows exactly what she's doing. Look at that little grimace on her face!


I Did However Grab A Few Nice Flower Shots ..

So Molly didn't cooperate, but the flowers didn't shy away from me. Maybe it's because they have no legs to run and hide, but I like to think that they appreciate me capturing the memory of their very short and impressionistic lives.








And Since Molly Did Not Cooperate..

She got edited in with some fancy photo manipulation!


HA! That'll Teach Her!


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