The forest is our wealth

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The forest is the lungs of our planet. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. All living creatures on Earth breathe oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. If the reverse process did not occur, then life on Earth would simply be impossible.
People should protect and protect our wealth, our forests.


But the forest is not only trees. In the forest, we can collect mushrooms and berries. The forest is home to many animals and birds.
But we don't see all this standing on the steep bank of the shore and looking at the forest. The forest seems to us something so far away, scary and one single object.
But if we approach the forest, we see roads, paths, edges. But now we see the "green sea". Yes. From above, the forest looks like a green sea.


Now the whole forest is green in our region. The leaves on all the trees are green. They will be like this for almost 2 more months.
But the green color also has its own shades-from light green to dark green.



And this is how the sun rises over this green sea. Can you imagine what is happening in the forest at this time? Fog, darkness. This is some kind of magic.


Why did I write all this? I grew up in the forest, I was born in a forest village. After studying in the city for 5 years at the university, I did not stay there to live, I chose the forest and the river as my place of residence again. More precisely, so that the river and the forest are close to me, so that I can see it every day.
And now, as soon as I wake up, I immediately see the forest and the river.

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