Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge - #3/11/21. This post is ENTRY for this contest


For fun, I tried to grow it on the windowsill in the house.
Beloved and sweet Victoria, planting a berry in a pot.
As you can see in this photo, I did it, and it worked well.


The berries were harvested one or two at a time.
But it doesn't matter, the main thing is the Garden of Eden.
At the window where the Victoria berries grew for me.


We also have many different colors in our house.
These are the most common ones like Geranium.
In winter, in pots on the window, they grow very well.


Geranium fell in love with everyone, as a houseplant.
This flower is loved by many precisely for its flowers.
Geranium blooms from autumn and winter until spring.


And also quite by accident I grew up in a pot on the window.
Bindweed flower, it is so beautiful and delicate as you can see.
I brought his seeds, apparently, with earth from the garden?


A separate topic for organizing a garden on the window.
This is the cultivation of Cucumbers, which we then eat.
Moreover, a very good harvest in winter is obtained.


And in terms of their size, these cucumbers are no different.
From cucumbers that grow in a greenhouse or in the ground.
I have already planted cucumbers and the seeds have sprouted.


Since roses for the winter must be brought into the warmth.
Then I decided to just plant them in pots, like other flowers.
For several years in a row, Roses delight us with their beauty.


Interestingly, Roses do not lose their delicate aroma.
There is always pleasant air (aroma) on the windowsill.
This is where Roses winter in our house until spring.


And then there are Cherry Tomatoes, which grow in winter.
On the windowsill in the house, giving us a good harvest.
This fact also makes us happy - we tried it and it worked.


And on the other window there are still very green Tomatoes.
Because the window is north and they grow more slowly.
This is the real indicator of the harvest of the north and south.


I also especially like the hibiscus flower for its beauty.
This flower decorates the interior of the house very well.
A flower grows not only on the window, but also on the floor.


And the beauty parade also ends with a Geranium flower.
This is one of the varieties of this flower (as I think).
He has very beautiful flowers, you can see it in the photo.


Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge - #3/11/21


Each of us can make or grow a similar paradise garden in our house on the windowsill (if we wish). The main thing here is to love and care for flowers. After all, it is much more difficult for flowers to grow in a house than in the wild, where conditions are completely different. Therefore, each of us who grows flowers (and some berries and vegetables) in the house by the window must first think about the fact that this is a certain responsibility to nature. Very often it happens like this - you didn't like the flower ... so you can throw it in the trash. But if you think so philosophically, then this is a kind of life that was entrusted to us by nature and our desires (or ambitions), which suddenly once ... and ended in an instant. And it's bad, very bad when it happens. Flowers are alive and they hear us and live with us on the same wavelength. I’ll just give you one example from my own life. We have a flower Amarallis growing in our house, it blooms with such large bright red flowers. So - Amarallis gained color and was about to bloom. At this time we were going to go on vacation abroad for three weeks. I looked at the flower and said - What a pity that I do not see your beautiful flowers. And we went to rest. When we arrived, the flower was unblown and stood on the window. And in the morning I went into the room and saw that the flower was blooming all over, showing us - Look, how beautiful I am. The strange thing is that the flower waited (and he waited for three whole weeks) when we got home and only then blossomed. Tell me - isn't it a miracle? Such is the story. And how can one not love them (flowers) after that?

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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