Amazing Nature Contest - October 2021 - #04. This post is ENTRY for this contest


The beauty of nature and the golden leaves of the birch.
Against the background of a blue sky, where there are no clouds.
And from the early morning such silence is around.


And in nature in the forest there is an extraordinary beauty.
As if autumn has painted everything with its colors.
Before us is a completely different palette - Autumn has come.


Such beauty makes me want to take pictures right away.
All these beautiful landscapes and the surrounding world.
When you see such a panorama in front of you in nature.


The landscape with the river is always very beautiful.
This can be seen from the photograph in the photograph.
It is the river that always complements the composition.


Surprisingly beautiful photos are obtained in the fall.
As soon as you leave or go out of town to nature.
It is these types of nature that always inspire creativity.


Very often I like to take pictures against the light.
This technique allows you to see the beautiful nature.
When two plans are built in front of you in the photo.


There is not much to say about the beauty of the pine forest.
You just have to watch and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Although, when you are in the forest, you see it all differently.


Rivers and lakes are a great addition for any photographer.
In his creative works to show the beauty of the landscape.
All this is very clearly visible in the photographs that are offered.


Even the simplest branch shows us the landscape well.
It is the autumn landscape where the colors have changed.
The colors of summer were green yesterday and gold today.


Such a beautiful autumnal touch among the dark pine forest.
In this simple-looking composition, the emphasis is on the branch.
On a branch of a small birch, which is in front of us in the photo.


Amazing Nature Contest - October 2021 - #04


We all quite often go to the forest to either relax in nature or to collect the gifts of nature. And this can be mushrooms and berries, medicinal herbs and Ivan tea. But not only this attracts us to be in nature. There are basics in our life when we are suddenly tired of city traffic, bustle and noise of the streets. Then we are ready to give up everything and leave or go to nature in order to see that amazing beauty of nature and receive a spark of positive energy for our souls. In addition, nature cleans up all our dark negativity, leaving us a bright ray for later life. In addition, everyone who travels around their land learns a lot of interesting things about nature, history, landscape and the world around them, where they live, work and develop creatively. Very often nature teaches us all how to live correctly. In an urban environment, all this is not and we will never know how you should behave in the wild? Therefore, you need to visit nature as often as possible, enjoy its beauty and be in unity with nature. Because this is exactly how we should live, we will not be able to live differently - this has been proven more than once. Nature does not like a bad attitude towards herself and rather harshly corrects our mistakes, punishing for the stupidity and rudeness that we commit.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.





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