Amazing Nature Contest - November 2021 - #05. This post is ENTRY for this contest


The warmth is gone, and the moment is a pity,
That I have not had time to enjoy a warm day.
The cold makes me sorrowful,
For the chilly day will be long gone!


Leaves fall from the trees for the season,
The autumnal season is coming in.
The roses are no longer in bloom,
Their buds are frozen by the cold!


Yesterday, only yesterday, we were all warmed by the rays,
Today the sun is out of sight...
In the gardens the trees stand like skeletons,
And the skies are about to weep!


Yes! To weep and shed tears on the ground,
To the woods and the earth all washed away.
Now dreams of summer are dreams,
And we must forget the joys of summer!


Forget! Not to remember... and yet live,
For time and beauty are in succession!
Any time is colorful for poets,
The thread of inspiration is everywhere.


So summer and winter and fall are beautiful,
Spring and summer are just fine...
And we ask all artists of the pen and brush
To draw your own conclusion, but take your time!


Yes there is now an autumn chill,
But you describe it in beautiful tones.
Let the autumn roulade sound,
About these days, they're all good!


There is no longing, peace comes,
On an autumn day even.
The sun takes her away in a jiffy,
If the sun's rays show!


Autumn has come, summer has gone, day after day goes by.
And of course this time brings sadness, sadness!
All the autumn motives Leave a sad trace.
The bright shimmer of colors sends my greetings in justification!



Hello, my friends. Let's talk about the amazing beauty of nature. Then we can say that the amazing beauty of nature and the autumn landscape is that you can see it all for yourself. And for the photographer, it's also about developing the creativity of his photography and gaining practical and professional skills in his amateur art. Every time a photographer goes on a nature trip to the woods or lakes, it turns out as a small performance to make at least one such post (photo reportage). Of all the most beautiful landscapes turns out, of course, autumn. In front of us open up such a variety and fantastic colors that you do not see in any other time of the year. So you should try to travel to nature at this time of year, which will give a lot of beautiful and unique material in the form of photographs to any of us (for the archives). And then you can work with these photos, making interesting posts on the seasons. Today we have Autumn and I'm happy to show some more photos that I managed to take at this beautiful time, when the leaves on the trees have not yet fallen. Such was this my next post about a beautiful time where beauty is in every shot.

Amazing Nature Contest - November 2021 - #05

-original photo;
-secondary publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated with from Russian)

Photos posted by me are clickable.
They can be viewed in large size by clicking on the photo.

Photos were taken with the size of 2592 x 1944 pixels.
For insertion into a post on Ecency and Hive, the size is reduced to 1280 x 960 points..
Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.




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