Amazing Nature Contest - July 2021 - #01. This post is a competition entry


Beautiful summer, month of July and birch forest.
What else could be more beautiful?
Amazing beauty of nature.


And in the garden we have a guest - a bumblebee has arrived.
Bumblebee loves to drink sweet nectar from flowers.
The secret world of nature.


Already the apples are beginning to ripen in our garden.
There will be a very good harvest of these fruits soon.
Sweet apples and my garden.


And in nature, a completely different picture that we see.
Here a large beetle flew to the Hogweed in the forest.
The flower is poisonous and the nectar is sweet.


Apricot also ripens in our garden in a village outside the city.
Apricot aromas in the garden - especially in the evening.
Such a fantasy in our garden.


And my favorite flower in the garden is the Orange Daylily.
I really like it and I have a lot of Daylily in my garden.
A beautiful flower that blooms constantly in summer.


But before us is the beautiful red bird cherry - it is already fully ripe.
Bird cherry grows with us, but what can be done from it - I don't know?
They make something out of her, right?


Rose - the queen of flowers, also takes pride of place in our garden.
She is so beautiful, and the scent is all over the place.
Here is such a beauty in our garden.


Summer landscape, which I photographed when I went to the forest.
Such an amazing beauty of nature that I didn't want to leave.
Forest, sky, clouds and beauty.


We also have such a beauty in our garden - Tiger Lily.
She blooms all month and gives us her beauty.
Even in the photo, she is beautiful.


The edge of the forest where I collected Ivan tea and other herbs.
You can also walk for a long time in the forest in this beauty.
Nature generously gives us its beauty.


And in a village outside the city we have such a small sun.
The flower gives inspiration to the photographer with its beauty.
Bright and beautiful Sunflower, very well decorates the site.


Amazing Nature Contest - July 2021 - #01


Summer, July. Photo from the cycle - The beauty of nature. Life in nature, where amazing beauty meets us every day. And also beauty meets us in the village outside the city, where is my garden. To understand how it all looks in reality - any photographer photographs these beautiful moments so that other people can see them. On the other hand, we must take good care of everything that surrounds us in nature, so as not to destroy this fragile world. A world where there are so many trees, flowers and insects. And this world is in front of us in my small photo reportage. Beauty around us.

What do I like in the summer month of July? At this time of the year and in this particular month, everything is blooming and fragrant. Beauty surrounds us every day and we enjoy the gifts of nature. And also a lot of fruits and vegetables have already ripened for us at this time, which are so useful for the human body. The cycle of nature has entered the most beautiful development, so the world is beautiful for all of us. What more can you ask for yourself when there is so much beauty?

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.


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