Amazing Nature Contest - August 2021 - #01


Summer, nature, forest and roads on which we drive.
We see all this every day, but we do not pay attention.
Although it is the roads that lead us to the desired goal.


The landscape can be different, but my photos are based on roads.
The roads that are in the forest, dragging us forward.
I wanted to show this landscape in a different way.


This world of amazing nature can be seen in a completely different way.
You just have to stop and see what magnificent beauty surrounds us.
A small page of a summer landscape with a forest and roads.


And this is the road, like an arrow goes through the forest.
The road was built specifically to connect large highways.
She seems to go to the horizon and into the sky.


Roads in the forest can be found everywhere, there are many of them.
And all these roads are so different - big and small.
They sometimes end somewhere, but then they appear.


Beauty fills summer landscapes and roads complement them.
People drive and walk along these roads, then return home.
Roads and forest, summer, nature and sun.


We also often meet such roads in nature in the forest.
They are very well made and made of asphalt.
Roads are laid over long distances in kilometers.


There are, of course, many landscapes with rivers or with a church.
And I have a landscape in photographs with roads in the forest.
The beauty of nature is also clearly visible here.


The old road in the forest, on which they began to drive and walk less.
The road has apparently been abandoned for a year or two?
And it began to grow! It will soon disappear altogether.


And again - this is the second road that goes through the forest.
This road was built to the temple on a large highway.
The road goes through the forest for many kilometers.


Amazing Nature Contest - August 2021 - #01


There is a popular saying that any road leads somewhere. But in the forest everything is a little different - here the road leads only to the forest or through the forest. Although in the end the road still leads us to a place where we have never been. And this is precisely the interest that takes us out of the city into nature in order to make our little trip to the forest. It is good to see this amazing beauty of nature. In the forest, we rest in body and soul, although you always come from the forest tired, but happy. This is some kind of fantasy! At first, man went from nature to civilization - striving to surround himself with comfortable things, and now he gladly leaves this comfortable world into the forest and nature - into a wild world where there are no conveniences that man himself has created over the centuries. Apparently, the call - Back to nature really, strongly motivates us all to spend more time in nature. And in the photographs I would like to show the beauty that I liked these days - these are forest roads. I loved this hidden page of our nature. We constantly and a lot travel on different roads, completely oblivious to the fact that these foundations of civilization have already firmly entered the nature around us. This was the day that I showed everyone in this photo report.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.


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