Wildlife around the island - Lizard, Rat, Cat,

Late at night I hear rustling out off the foot of the bed. What could that be?
Although I was not able to take pictures of the rate that was trying to work its way into my bag that had a bit of food in the side pocket, I saw this on the celling.

Wow that is big...lets try to get another photo.

It is on the move.

It slowly walks along the celling and now that it has been spotted it does not like the light and moves away from it.

Like a an alligator but smaller it hangs on the celling and stares at us laying below it. I wonder if it wonders why we are not falling down, or up, towards the lizard as it stands there upright.

A small yelp is let of from my friend beside beside me.

Where did it scurry off to?

I zoom out to see where the lizard went. I cannot see it.

Nowhere to be found. Better to go back to sleep.

The morning breaks and the lizards and rats have gone away. Time to wander the island and have some scuba diving lessons.

Lets head outside and have a look around for more wildlife.

Well here is some wildlife that is common and always around. The cluster of cats that hang around. I wonder where this kitty was last night when I was getting attacked by rats?

I head off to the scuba diving lessons and that take up the rest of the day. Thanks for having a look at some of the nature around the island of Koh Rong Sanloem Cambodia. More to come so fallow along as the trip continues.

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