Wilderness Journal 10 - Scared of the dark!


One of my biggest fears is....the dark! Ever since I can remember it has been a fear of mine. As a little kid, I always left the door to my room open a crack to let a little bit of light in. To some people, this may be silly but this it still sticks with me to this day. Not so much when I am at home but rather when I am out exploring at night.


At night every crack of a stick, squeak of a mouse or chirp of a bird makes me jump out of my skin. Even though this is one of my biggest fears I constantly pushed myself to go out and shoot astrophotography in the dead of night...usually alone. This may seem like a strange thing to do to some people. Most people question why the hell I put myself through something that scares me! "Why do you do that Aaron isn't it stressful" yes it is "you must not have any fun" oh hell naw.


Putting myself in these extraordinary positions have been some of the most joyful experiences of my life! I go through moments of extreme terror and extreme serenity. Pushing myself to face my fears also gives me clarity on my direction in life. These experiences also help me deal with stress and anxiety in other aspects of my life, I have more confidence, and more sure of myself as I know that I can conquer what scares me most!

Get outside folks and explore what this amazing planet has to offer! If you don't do something that scares you every day you need to get off social media. Get outside explore your city, visit a national park or your local park. The world is a beautiful place. Explore it even if it scares you.



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