Remembering the passing of our late grandpa but no occassion this year

Hi everyone,

Almost every year, especially somewhere in this month of October, my big family from the root of my grandpa will have a small family gathering to remember our late grandpa.


However, this year we are not able to do so due to the pandemic.

While our government has recently lifted the travel ban locally and internationally, we are not ready to do the family gathering this month. But, we vow to celebrate them this coming Christmas.

Remembering our grandpa in happiness

While our grandpa has left us for so many years, we decided that rather than remembering him in sadness, why not remember and cherish all that fond memories and the sweet memories of him.

Hence, the family gathering for us plays an important role not only to remember him but also to connect us family regardless of age and gender. The bottom line is that we are having a good time and to stregthen the bond between family member.

Apart from that, this kind of occassion will ensure that we know one another and to strengthen the bond within the family.

I just hope that December will keep soon!

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