The Eggs Are Lining Down

I think I was a little bit desperate when I found these eggs that lined down on a dried leaf. Yes, I was desperate because that time was not a productive day during my short photo hunt, nothing was to be found and I didn't have any subject to photograph.

And to be honest, I only took one photo of these eggs simply a random snapshot, because I just didn't think it looked nice when I took the photos.

But it was changed when I tried to edit the photos in Lightroom, as apparently the sky gave a nice additional background than the usual black-colored background when I took the macro shot.

I am not sure who left these eggs, but I think it might be the egg from the shield bug or the assasin bug.


Photo StyleMacro PhotographyAccesoryExtention Tube
LocationBali, IndonesiaLightingExternal Flash
TimeAugust 2023DiffuserCekrek Diffuser
GearCanon EOS Kiss X8i
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