Key West Film Scans

Not technically the most southern point, but it makes for a good photo op.

A long long time ago, back in my 18th year of life, I went to Key West on a Boy Scout trip to Seabase. It was pretty awesome, even though our older adults got a little too drunk and made the trip to the airport "interesting."

Cruise ships, from the balcony of some museum, I don't remember the name.

During the trip I used a disposable camera to capture moments and scenery.

Same ships, different view.

The prints of these photos are hiding somewhere in my house, but those aren't as fun as these test scans. I used a macro adapter on my kit Nikon lens. I transferred them to my phone and edited them with PicsArt as usual. I've been listening to some photography podcasts lately and I'm considering getting Lightroom now. Perhaps soon. One thing at a time...

They aren't the greatest scans and I wish I had better equipment, but there is something that I love about them. They transport me back to that trip and add a nostalgic blur to it all.

Paul is a goober...

The southernmost house in the continental US. Pretty sure Google Earth proves this wrong, but who's really measuring?

I have always been the old bearded man of the group.

One day I'll make it back. With a digital camera. And wayyyy better equipment overall.






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