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Hello peoples!

I'm surprisingly posting again whithin a week! omg 😆 hahah

I'm sharing with you now this B&W pic from this last winter that thanks god already ended as spring just started yesterday :D finally! this reminds me that here in Argentina they celebrate this day "Spring day" and I couldn't be happier winter is oficially over lol, though these last few nights have been colder for some reason... weather being crazy as always 🤷‍♀

In this pic above I was in a little square park near my place, it was very cold and I was trying to capture the clouds reflection on this building, it isn't very visible because they look more like just some light instead of "clouds" lol very shapeless. I still like the pic tho.

I had mentioned before on a previous post (my first post on the community btw lol) that I'd make a full post with proper winter sun photos... but I big time failed on that lol the new job thing plus the previous job I already had got me all trapped. Maybe next winter :)

What do you think of this shot? Is it good? Is it gross? Please feel free to tell me! :D

For better resolution, more info and details you can check my Flickr account.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

On the cloud of unknowing
My world seems open...


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