Graffiti Lettering Contest #19 (SAMURAI) - 100% Liquid Payout + 2 HBD + 6 HIVE + 400 ECENCY Points

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Graffiti Lettering Contest


#18 Winners + Prize Distribution

If you missed here is the #18 Contest Post and #18 Voting Post! As always it's worth checking out!

The liquid payout of #18 was around 3.84 $ and we also had the usual 400 ECENCY Points sponsored by me, this time we also had extra 600 ECENCY Points sponsored by @deepresearch (300) and @melinda010100 (300). Thanks again!




Top 3

1️⃣ @clau-de-sign (7 votes) - 1.92 HBD + 250 ECENCY Points

2️⃣ @jacksonizer (6 votes) - 1.15 HBD + 200 ECENCY Points

3️⃣ @evev (5 votes) - 0.77 HBD + 150 ECENCY Points

Honourable mentions


Prize Distribution

Top 3


Honourable Mentions




The word for today is...

Sorry everyone for the week break, happy to be back and can't wait to see your creativity with this word! Why this word? Mhm let's say because I started my first playthrough of Elden Ring with a Samurai class and I fell in love with it and I'm playing a weird Samurai/Warrior build with a double Katana, does the work for me, I'm having a blast at the game! Best game ever IMHO! 🙏

I wanted to do much more but I didn't manage in the end, I am satisfied with the lettering and the 3d effect though! I wanted to add a Japanese Temple or Shrine in the background. I recently got into inking so everything is done with ink, in this case with technical pens 0.9, 0.5 and 0.003.


Information about the contest, how to participate, rules and prizes can all be found scrolling down in this post! I decided to show the new word immediately after the introduction to make it easier for the usual participants so you guys do not have to scroll down too much if you wanna jump in action as soon as you see the word!


Contest Overview

Probably many of you already know what everything is about! For the new members as you can probably guess from the title this contest is about Graffiti and Lettering.
Every 2 weeks a new random "word" will be announced and the participants will have to make a nice Graffiti Lettering of it on paper (or in any way they want really, it can be drawn, painted, sprayed on a wall, you can do what you want! If you're crazy and want to go the extra mile you can even do a real graffiti on a wall!).
Once you have finished with your Lettering then make a cool post about it, maybe showing us your process and explaining the creativity behind it and comment your entry under this Contest Post!

I am planning to do this at least 2 times a month in this way:

  • I will post the Contest Post with the random word and participants will have time until Payout (7 days) to submit their entries. (The liquid payout of this post (HBD currently) will be used as the main prize to distribute between the top 3 winners)
  • Once the Contest Post curation period expires I will do a Voting Post where participants and users can vote for their preferred entries, (3 votes per person - anyone can vote, not only participants!)
    Similarly to the Contest Post the Voting Post will be up and running until Payout (7 days)
  • Then I will post the next Contest Entry but at the start of the post I will announce the winners of the previous entry and send out the prizes (with screenshot proof).

Hope it all makes sense!


I will not be actively participating in this contest, I will try to always post my work either in the post itself or under it in a comment but I will never consider my work as an official entry in this contest! 😁



How to Participate

  • Upvote & Reblog OR Upvote and mention the contest post link in your entry post.

  • Make your Graffiti Lettering of the given word.
    Your work can be done in any way you prefer, draw it on paper, draw it digitally, draw it on your table, paint it, spay it, do a real graffiti on a wall, totally up to you! I did this contest with the idea of a quick lettering on paper in my mind but how you do it is totally up to you!

  • Make a post showing the word, if you feel fancy give us some background, show us the process, share that creative mind of yours with the community!
    You can post in any Community you prefer as long as you follow their guidelines!

  • Post the link to your entry post and the picture of your art in a comment under this Contest Post to officialise your entry! Please make sure to do this step so I don't miss any entry when I create the voting post!


Contest Rules

  • Contest open to everyone

  • Must be your original work!

  • One entry per person.

  • Entry expires with the post so you have 7 days from the start of this post to make your entry.



  • 100% of the liquid payout of this post will be used for the prizes for the top 3 winners!
    Everyone's support is welcome 😁 Thanks to all of you that are supporting our little creative space! 😎

    • 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20%
  • 6 HIVE sponsored by @mondoshawan, huge thanks Brother! ♥️

  • 2 HBD sponsored by @trippymane

  • 400 ECENCY Points by @trippymane

    • 1st place 150, 2nd place 100, 3rd place 50, 3 honourable mentions 20, participation with no win or mention 10

When I will post the Voting Post for this round and we'll know how much is the Liquid HBD I will show all of these prizes in a nice pie chart and everything will make more sense!

The prizes will be distributed after the Voting Post for this round (out in 7 days) which is also when I post the next Contest Post! So around ~14 days from today.

Also worth mentioning that I personally support each one of you that participate here, I manually curate every participation post 100%, every participation comment 100% and always try to drop some PIZZA, LOL, LUV, PGM, BBH tips. My account is tiny and my upvotes are not worth much, but they are genuine 100% like 99% of my activity on Hive, I'm no bot lol


Participants & Supporters

A list of people and friends who appreciate, help and support the contest, as well as participants, fans and winners.
Names get added with participation.
I add people to this list so the tag acts as a reminder when I post, I personally appreciate it when I get tagged in contests that I usually participate in, but if anyone prefers not to get tagged please let me know and I will remove the name from the list.
Let me also know if you want to get added to this list! Cheers

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Any delegations to @mind.force are welcome.

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Good Luck to everyone!
Thanks for checking out!

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