Graffiti Lettering Contest #19 (SAMURAI) by @ikigaidesign

Hello friends, this is my first publication in this community, a pleasure to greet you, I comment that some time ago I had the opportunity to participate in the initiatives of @trippymane , in the week of Contest #16 and as I mentioned that was my first graffiti.

Now I wanted to try to do something different, now in a digital way, using Photoshop, with some images, I started to make this small graffiti montage, with the word of this week's initiative.


As you know this program is quite complex, it has many tools, which allow us to create all kinds of images, with different effects through different layers, for me this is still something new, since I am not a professional in design, but I confess that I liked it a lot, and every day I seek to learn more.


I wanted to make something simple, using the typeface as graffiti, with a combination of colors, gradient, with a different touch at the end of the word, like the image of a sword.



EFECTO 2.png

This is really a great job, which requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity, each one with his unique style, which manages to capture something really striking, well this is my contribution, I hope you like it, any suggestions I am here to read them.

Finally, I leave you the link to see the other designs, and encourage you to participate. Graffiti Lettering Contest #19 (SAMURAI)

Algunas imágenes capturadas desde mi Pc, programa de Photoshop


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