One day to Silver with 50 DEC / day rental

I made it! And optimizing my budget thanks to PeakMonsters . For veteran players this may look a small step but I would like to share all my happiness with you 🤩 🥳

I ended my final season in BronzeII with +1900 ranked points and at the beginning of the current season, I decided to prepare my jump to silver.

I used one of the bests functionalities for new arrrivals that need to rent power that is order the cards rented by CP (CardPower)


In the image I share, I have selected gold cards, legendary or epic, ordered by card power. And at the beginning of the season I found my loved Daria Dragonscale for 50 DEC / Day, worth 15k power. I rented her for the whole season. The path was clear now. 👻


I will write specific post about her, as Daria is a situational summoner than can fit very well in Silver allowing you to surprise your rivals.

I will share mi rental pack to fight in Silver and will give you some feedback, as my first impressions are that with my Venary Wavesmith in property and those cheap renals is ok. You can win good percentage of games with the cards in spellbook + Venari.


And finally came the final fight! Welcome to Silver!!


I will share my reports of firts battles and analyze if rewards are worth the investment (I am sure they are), but tonight is time for celebration!!

If you are reading my posts for the first time I leave some others that might you interest, I am writing my experience as a new player of Splinterlands (1 Sept 2021) trying to manage my budget wisely:

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Thank you very much for reading and feel free to support!! CU in Arena!

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