The power of the Sun


Just two months ago I decided to try to grow some tangerine trees out of the seeds of one I brought from our property in Portugal. I kept them inside a glass box covered by tower paper for the first weeks and then I planded each one of them into this seedbed.

I've been keeping them inside the house most of the time. It is cold out there and I was afraid birds would eat them when they were still very small. They are starting to become plants and I have decided to just leave them under the sun for a few hours on the days I am at the house working and the sun is shining out there.

We have been harvesting the sun's power with a solar system for the past year and a half and I realized I am doing the same with these seeds that I am intending to grow into trees as years go by. I am using again the power of the sun to provide something, only this time I do not use technology, I only use basic elements such as soil and water.

It is curious to think how long humans have taken to realize how big the power of the sun can be. We use the sun to heat us and learn from very young how everything around us grows because of the heat and energy the sun transmits, and yet, it took us centuries to start taking real profit out of it with technology to transform its power into energy.

A simple experiment made me realize how lucky we are to have this ecosystem yet we humans are stressing the planet so bad we are constantly putting it at risk. Luckily little by little fossil fuel is starting to decrease and alternative power is strongly growing, creating the baseline infrastructure for energy freedom and decentralization.

Today, anyone can have a relatively comfortable life with the power provided by the sun at most places in the world using existing technology, and the cost keeps going down year by year as innovations appear. I like to witness how this strongly centralized utility is starting to offer ways to get free from the system, the same way crypto is doing so for the financial and economic centralized world.

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