Feeling The Raindrops

It is Monday on my side, the rain fell heavily, and I was up extremely early this morning. But after an hour of scrolling through my phone, I slept off again. Whenever I hear raindrops, I cannot help but fall asleep and feel chilly.

I can still observe how many people adore the rain and how it calms their emotions. However, because I worry a lot, it does not immediately make me feel better. I felt depressed and anxious due to the persistent rain.

I am not sure how to express this, but because we were born in the Philippines' geographic core, typhoons constantly affect us. And anytime that occurs, it is simple to disrupt our food and water sources. The flood across the river is so significant that when I was a child, we could not go outside and play. To sleep or play inside the house is what we always do whenever the rainy season comes.

Whenever I go down to the city, I am anxious because it is not so elevated, and there is a big river that could be flooded, so when the rain lasts longer than a few hours, I become easily concerned. Because either I will get wet on the way home, or there is flooding there already.

I recall one occasion when I did not reach home until midnight since there was tremendous flooding, and the worst was that I just sat there in one corner where I was safe, staring at nothing because my phone's battery was already dead.

During the wet nights, my heart jumps out for joy. I enjoy it when it rains at night, just not the torrential rain from typhoons. I am going to be able to sleep so quickly. It is soothing and relaxing as I hear every raindrop falling, and the weather is fantastic.

Additionally, I enjoy the noise it makes on our roof. Although it was noisy, my entire being felt at ease. I am unsure if everyone loves it, or maybe it is just me.

Another moment in life is feeling the sunlight and light rain. I like enjoying a little gentle rain when the sun is out. I love this since I usually see a rainbow in the sky, and the beautiful colors warm my soul.

Even though I fear rain, I find it impossible to picture life without it. I consistently anticipate rain during the summer.

There was one time in my childhood memory l where I could not see the river flowing gently. As a result of the river becoming empty, my classmates and I were unable to enjoy the river near the school when I was in elementary.

Another instance was when there was not enough rain, my uncle and auntie were a little concerned because it would be more difficult for them to cultivate the land, and the crops would not be able to get much water.

Although I also prefer the summer, I still look forward to the wetter months. Because it adds a variety of values to our daily life. Rain brings new water to the river, enriches the soil, makes it easier to cultivate, and increases the amount of greenery in the surrounding area.

Perhaps someone I know enjoys the rain so much that she beams whenever it pours. No matter what situation we were in, it was like her companion and her comfort.

My late sister Erika loves the rain more than I am. When there was no rain, she had a raindrop effect on her phone to hear the rain falling, and she felt better and had a good sleep sound.

On the other side, I have experienced both highs and lows while it has rained. Therefore, I worry when it rains heavily and continuously. How about you? How do you feel about the rain?

Moreover, it might make me feel happier when it is lighter and only going by because it leaves so much to the imagination. I am also comforted by it, and I have no trouble falling asleep.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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