Betrayal is only an experience, not a condemnation



Greetings friends full of reflections, it's my first time in this community!

From the beginning of the world there has been betrayal. The most beautiful angel betrayed God because he was proud and wanted to be like God. From that time on, there were so many bad feelings such as pride, hatred, envy, ambition, resentment, and so on. Since creation, the serpent tempted Eve to disobey God and thus betray him. Eve and Adam did so, falling into the serpent's trap and betraying God's love and trust, and from then on human beings have the tendency to betray.

The Royal Spanish Academy defines betrayal as "the fault that is committed by breaking the fidelity or loyalty that should be kept or have". When we are children we do not know what betrayal is, and if a friend betrays us, our innocent and pure heart knows how to forgive and forget that offense. But the problem is when we grow up, we begin to harbor bad feelings in our heart, often begins the competition for places from the same school, university, work, even in the same house where we live, I do not understand why we go through life looking to kill the other, it is as if we often hinder people, and we go through life: "every man for himself", when we should rather, rather, give us confidence, and be faithful and loyal to others.


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These days I was listening to a song where the girl talks about betrayal, that even though she forgives that betrayal, there is always the feeling of not trusting completely, because she thinks that she will be betrayed again.

Now my question is: who can really live like that? With an anxiety, thinking that at any moment he will be betrayed. This is what really happens in reality, people who have been betrayed and are unable to heal that wound, they live like paranoids seeing all people the same, cut by the same knife, as they say colloquially, thinking that every person will betray them, that they are looking for them to be careless to put their foot in their mouth so that they fall, really these people must live a hell, they do not live in peace, they do not trust anyone, not even their own shadow

I know people in life who are very closed, who do not trust anyone, I remember when I was in college, I had a classmate who was always watching and observing, she liked to study alone, to do her work alone, she did everything alone, because she said that she preferred to be alone than in bad company, and that she preferred to do her work alone because people would look bad, I remember that I often told her: "but not all people are the same", and she answered me: "Of course they are! I tried many times to get close to her, but the armor was too barbaric

The same happens with friendships or love in couples, in a relationship of two there will always exist: The betrayed and the betrayer, the problem is that there are people who are professional traitors, it is already their hobby to go through the world destroying the lives of others, there are those who have betrayed once in life, but repent, and with their actions manage to demonstrate their change and earn forgiveness, but there is also the character of the betrayed, who becomes the victim and often takes the attitude of doing to others, what they have done to him, that is, apply the law of Talion: eye for eye and tooth for tooth, take revenge. There are others who close in on themselves and do not trust anyone again, but there is the person who decides to be free, to shake off resentment, mistrust, pride and hatred, they clean themselves, get up from the fall and move forward, understanding that not all people are the same

When you are betrayed, if you are not going to trust again the person who betrayed you, then why do you continue with that partner who betrayed you, if you are not going to forgive, do not continue with that relationship, because you will always wait for the person to make a mistake to attack, or you will live thinking that at any moment he/she will do it again. Many times it is not really that we do not forgive the person who betrayed us, but rather that we do not forgive ourselves for being so unfaithful and for having allowed ourselves to be betrayed


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Free yourself from the chains of mistrust, resentment and hatred, remember that we are also made of flesh and we have also betrayed someone in life or we have failed him, not that you are going to spend all the betrayals that make you becoming a masochist person, forgive and move on, cut with all toxic relationship you may have, when you forgive one and another and another and another infidelity and betrayal, and that becomes a vicious circle, it is better to abandon the battle and be a coward alive, than a brave death


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If you have been betrayed, leave everything in God's hands, open yourself to changes, let go of that which binds you, and decide to live, because people continue their lives and one suffering and hooked in that situation, so shake yourself and smile at life always

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