Just start: lessons from a crochet hook

I learned how to crochet during free time at a women's retreat. I didn't think I would actually do anything with this skill. I thought it would probably take a lot more commitment to make anything useful, but - I joined in the fun.

Within a minute, I learned a very basic crochet stitch- probably the simplest, most basic and foundational one. All of us "newbies" laughed as we quickly hooked and looped long strands of crocheted "snakes". They were completely worthless, but so fun to make! Our mentor giggled and teased us, "Wow! Look at you all go! You will be crocheting lots and lots of pencil warmers for years to come!"

After we felt confident enough in our snake-making, pencil-warming skills... she gave us another critical tool: the turn!

I'm not even sure if that's what the technique was called, all I know is that it allowed me to turn on the snake and hook another "snake" to it.

Now instead of making one line of loops, I could make a rectangle, or a square, or by shortening the progression by one loop each time, I could make a triangle! And then, I discovered by connecting the end of the snake with the start of the snake, I could make a ring!

By continuing the same concepts I had just discovered, I could now create a TUBE.

ADD in that concept of shortening the amount of loops...and now I could create a dome!!!

In mere seconds, I could now make a dome (a hat) and a rectangle (a scarf) and with a little more analysis along the way, I would easily puzzle out a pattern for mittens!!!


If you can tell from the story, I am definitely a "jump in and start"-er.

Now don't get me wrong...I am also probably one of the most diligent planners that you will ever meet. lol I can simultaneously plan 4 outcomes, with 12 potential detours, leading to 36 probable outcomes....if you dont believe me, ask around 😂

BUT...I don't let those potential forks in the road STOP me from taking a critical first step on the most advantageous path before me.

I step, and adjust.
Learn, and apply.
Fall, and get up.

but.....this is most important....I START.

I would have never learned how to make a square, and a tube and a dome....UNLESS I first learned how to make a snake!

And this is critical....

I know that there are other stitches to learn that would make my mittens prettier than my first attempt. I was able to piece together a workable mitten that kept my hands warm for that first winter, and that....THAT was more important than studying EVERY possible crochet technique first.

It's better to have ugly, warm mittens the first year, than no mittens at all. You can always learn NEW techniques to make them prettier for winter #2.

but....JUST START somewhere.

You will learn more in the PROCESS of executing your dreem through twists and turns, and you will get more real-life experience NOW, than if you wait to be perfectly prepared by textbook techniques. Don't forsake those textbook techniques!!! Absolutely learn them along the way and apply them! There is something so wonderfully efficient about applying what someone else has already worked out! It's incredibly valuable and WISE to use the tips of those who have gone in before you. My point is this: If you wait to collect all the valuable insight and information before starting, you never will.

You will NEVER have the PERFECT plan. If you wait for it, your life will pass you by.

start ❤️

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