How old is Hive today? Do you really HODL any $HIVE?

Hey friends!

I heard that HIVE is celebrating its first birthday today.
If you too are partying over it, my congratulations to you!

I heard that $HIVE market price is rising rapidly.
If you hodl any $HIVE, my congratulations to you!

Yes, I do remember, this was one of the most significant days in the life of Hive.
This was the day when Hive blockchain got completely re-designed, re-structured and re-branded as HIVE. This day, last year, the Hive community got a brand new name and a shiny new home.

After winning long and decisive battle, Hive community was freed from the shackles of its old regime. So this is an Independence Day for Hive!
I wish you all a very happy Independence Day today!

On this day, I feel proud to tell you that $HIVE holds the lion's share in my crypto portfolio since the beginning of my journey here. But I'd also like to tell you another secret.

You won't find HIVE in my portfolio tracking list.

I frequently use CoinGecko's price tracking app.
All my major crypto holdings are recorded in my Portfolio there; but my biggest asset holding has no entry there.
Yes, there is zero HIVE in my CoinGecko portfolio.

You know, why?

Because I don't track market price for HIVE.
My HIVE is not for sale!

I don't need to keep myself updated with HIVE price.
Because I HODL it irrespective of its price.

I only get to know of big movements in HIVE price through friends or through several Hivers posting on this platform.

I used to wonder, why these people keep posting HIVE price updates here!
Then I assumed, probably they want to get rid of their HIVE.

HIVE is so young that it's market cap has not reached even $200m.
HIVE is not even a top-200 coin.

Hive blockchain is full of activity and developing so fast along with its community. So many new tribes and dapps are being created over it and existing dapps are also innovating continuously.

Tell me honestly, is this the time to invest in this project or sell your holdings?

To me, HIVE is still a hidden gem which is highly undervalued.
If you're a prudent investor, wouldn't you like to remain invested in such an asset?

But many people are anxiously waiting for it to reach its ATH!
However, I don't care.

Even if HIVE surpasses $1, I ain't gonna sell it.

I'm a HIVE HODLer.
But to each her own.

Do you HODL HIVE? 👀

If not, you're a disenfranchised citizen here. But if you HODL HIVE,
I wish you a very happy Hive Independence Day today!
Together we shall build the Utopia of Hive.

Will you HODL HIVE? 👀

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