Hive reaches to over 100K people in just $100. How come?

I always used to wonder why no YouTube influencer talks about Hive as an investment opportunity.

A number of times in past, YouTuber Bit Boy had mentioned (and even shilled) crypto social media platforms like SoMee Social, Hype, Howdoo or Udoo, Lbry etc. But not Hive!

May be, because he is invested in those social media projects and even has been associated as an ambassador / influencer in them. Yet, Hive being the biggest decentralized social media platform always deserves a mention at the least though he won't!

But seems like some Hivers were hell bent to make it happen.


And they found a very interesting way to draw attention of his audience towards Hive.

They fed the word Hive into the mouth of the Youtuber Bit Boy:

Check at 16:41 and yet again at 18:42 (May be there are more instances of it as I haven't watched the entire video).

Even BitBoy was surprised why he is being forced to take the name of Hive. Well, it's because of a generous tip of $100 sent to him through Super Chats from some Hivers. 😄

Although it was a brief mention, this video was viewed by over 140,000 crypto audience and not even 24 hours have past by now. So it's gonna get more exposure.

What a wonderful way to promote Hive for less!

  • What do you guys think about this tactic?
  • Have you ever tried to shill any crypto project through super chats to Youtubers? Was it of any help?

Any LEO shiller paying attention 👀

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