🔥Binance Smart Chain. The land of opportunity!


Since the Ethereum network became untransactable by anybody that is not a whale, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) started getting traction. I fact, the daily transactions of the BSC is almost the same than Ethereum.

The flipening will happen really soon. 1,100,000 for the BSC compared to 1,250,000 for Ethereum.
You can see the stats int his tweet from @cz_binance.


Well, what I wanted to tell you is that I have been really interested in the new tokens and protocols that are emerging in the BSC. Almost all of them are copies from AMM or yield farming platforms from ETH. But there is a lot of room to grow in this ecosystem.

It has a big community, loyal, and they are looking to invest in any useful project. And that is what has been happening this weeks. I recommend you to take a look at this blockchain and keep an eye on the best projects. Even if it's from Binance, it has potential. You should agree with me that they are good at marketing.


This are my 2 favorite projects from the BSC. They are both yield farming protocols, and they are growing at a really fast pace.
I invested in both quite early. I bought BIFI at 60$ currently trading at 750$ and AUTO at 150$, currently trading at 1,730$.
Shotout to @empoderat for showing me BIFI really early! He's a beast finding undervalued GEMS, I recommend you to follow him.

Well, I have been tracking the growth stats from both of this platforms (regardless of the price of the token) to see which project is better in terms of growth and potential.

I want to share with you the results.



TVL - Total Value Locked in the vaults.
Holders - number of wallets holding the token.

As you can see today the FLIPPENING happened and AUTO surpassed BIFI in terms of Total Value Locked and Holders. All of this with 5,7 times less supply, this means that there are really good chances that AUTO keeps climbing in price.

Another interesting thing to see is the bigger increase in TVL locked in % each day for AUTO.
It looks more healthy to me, right? BIFI have some negative days while AUTO not a single one yet.

After a long talk with @empoderat I've concluded that I should focus on one of the 2 protocols, and I think I will bet for AUTO. Let's see if this decision is the correct one!

Stay safe out there degens! 😊


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