I Doubled My CUB - From 17 to 41 CUBs

More than a month ago, the CUB Defi project was announced on the Leo network, as many began to buy CUB and storage for Farming.

Unfortunately, I wasted the first week, but after a week the ARP was nearly 2,000% on the CUB-BUSD pair.

I bought 1 quantity of CUB about 9 CUB and another amount of equal BUSD and started adding Liquidity to Farm.

In fact, this was my first experience with Defi as I used to hear about it a lot like I used to hear about NFT and others, but I never tried either Pancake or any other decentralized financing platform.

After adding to the farm, I decided to complete the investment and make it a long-term investment for a year or more.

So every week I was about doing Hevest for CUB and adding them back to Farm.


More Than Doubled

After more than a month of Harvest and Deposit operations, it has reached about 41 CUB now, and that is only from depositing 17 CUB.

I know that most CUBs I got in the beginning was when the ARP was very high.

But in the long term, whether from investment or the Harvest, I intend to have at least 100 CUB.

The price of CUB is now about $ 3.5, but I am optimistic about this project and that it will reach $ 10 as a start soon.


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By @natalia-irish

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