EToro and New Updates For Lisitng

EToro, a leading company in the field of crypto and trading, has begun preparing the image in the world of crypto for public listing, with a value of about 10 billion dollars.

When the momentum in the cryptocurrency world increased dramatically, many companies began reviewing their legal positions to increase investments in Bitcoin in particular.

Among these companies, eToro Brokerage, Copy Financial Services and the like are preparing for public listing on the stock exchange with the aim of offering the companies to the public, through acquisitions.

The Financier Application and Exchange phase will open eToro to the world through the integration sponsored by SoftBank and Financial Entrepreneur.

The organization has been estimated at $ 10 billion, as noted by Reuters.

It now has nearly 20 million customers in 140 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

The stage gives clients the ability to put resources into stocks and trade mutual assets, just like forms of cryptocurrency, and is a competitor to the "Robin Hood" stage.

The eToro platform arranges itself as a "social exchange" network.

The Copy People Trading option allows clients to choose individuals who best suit their business needs and projects, according to the stage's location.

The President and Principal Founder expressed in 2018:

Buyers around the world should get close to the devices they need to participate in the digital money markets, with little attention to their experience.


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