Dollar Causes Bitcoin Down - What Next?

After the massive change in Bitcoin's value, approaching $ 50,000 recently, Bitcoin experienced a drop below that level and the cost reached $ 45,000 before Bitcoin rebounded again and rose 4% in the past 24 hours to exchange at $ 47,000.

Bitcoin is dealing with the reliance on the rally of the dollar, and this may temporarily unify the cost of Bitcoin and develop it with the rest of the monetary business.

Bitcoin is on alert on the grounds that the full global scale stops the risk and pushes the dollar higher.

Both the US and Asian value markets are essentially low.

Expect more combination with it for now.

The dollar meeting does not raise Bitcoin news because the relationship between them is the opposite, as many examiners have explained.

Towards the end of last month, Bitcoin slumped more than 20% in just several weeks as safety returns shot up and risky resources revealed a global auction.

Currently, higher crypto money has ended up in a similar way this time, and if the dollar continues to accumulate, it is possible that the degree of 35 to 39 thousand dollars is the last rule, which has been informed that the bullish pattern of bitcoin cash is still alive if you discover Bitcoin. How to keep more than 50 thousand dollars.


The Bitcoin situation unfolds here:

I accept that we must break the $ 50,000 to maintain bullish positions.

If Bitcoin is neglected to maintain the $ 50K level for aid and for an overall timeframe, I would expect the 42 test should be $ 45,000 and possibly $ 37 to $ 39,000 for the last rule.

The current dive into Bitcoin has also been linked to the way the Chairman of the Federal Reserve ensures that the National Bank's money system will not change in terms of expansion.

The cost of Bitcoin took a hit after the Fed Chairman's comments

It showed that the Fed will continue its target of keeping expansion above the 2% objective level.

After its announcement, Bitcoin's value plummeted, with the now continuing recovery and attempting to surpass the $ 50,000 level.


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