Dogecoin to The Moon in 24 hours

Advanced cash “Dogecoin”, which was initially seen as a joke, rose nearly 900% in the last week.

Dogecoin was made in 2013 based on the famous “doge” image at the time that had a place with “Sheba Ino” dogs, which turned into the advanced cash brand “Dogecoin”

The dog turned into a dogecoin money slogan

Facts show that Dogecoin started out as a joke, but found a local area to encompass and display, yet it has got one of the largest digital currencies in terms of full market recognition.

Dogecoin ranks seventh in overall market respect, with an estimate of over $ 9 billion, outperforming Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and LINK.

It may continue to advance, but the closest position is that it is moving backward.


Inquire here, which is the title of the post:

What are the reasons behind the rise of advanced Dogecoin Cash and its entry into the list of the ten major monetary standards computerized!

The rise of Dogecoin was provoked by groups that rely on informal communities to discuss advanced cash, “Dogecoin,” and had them face a situation similar to that of GameStop.

On Thursday, a banner appeared stating that the "Dogecoin" is a "GME" digital currency.

According to the examinees, the rise in GME shares came after an organized attack led by some editors across the internet media, most notably "Reddit". These editors were systematically told that Wall Street merchants were selling the organization's offerings in the midst of the general decay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, so they would acquire them later at lower costs. .

However, that was counterproductive.


The technique adopted above is called "short selling" as traders hope to benefit from a resource when its value decreases.

For example, this should be possible by getting some offers and selling them in a split second.

At this point, after the stock's value has decreased, the dealer repurchases it at a lower cost, and returns it to the loan specialist, with the interest collected from the variance in value.

However, if the value of the resource rises suddenly, then merchants at this point will run into trouble, and at the worst outcome imaginable, they must buy it back at a much more exorbitant cost than what they initially offered to fulfill their obligations.

Moreover, this is the thing that the editors are trying to organize to attack these individuals.

Whatever the case, when stocks rose to record levels, the regulation caused a "great misfortune".

With similar progress, some pools need to withdraw dogecoin cash and require converting it to one dollar, a number that has never reached, and if this number is reached, the money will be in third place with the market estimate of 128 billion dollars behind all of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With the cost of "dogecoin" rising, there have been some critical cost declines in the last hours.

Reddit customers urge individuals not to sell and keep raising costs.

Among the reasons why the computerized money "dogecoin" has risen as well, is the tweet of "Elon Musk", which recently tweeted several times about the cash, and the rest of it yesterday, the fifth, as he posted a picture on Twitter. From the introduction to "Dogue" magazine.

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