Bitcoin Transactions are Close to 5 Billion

After clarifying the talk of the world, Bitcoin has become an essential part of the economic news of any newspaper or news channel.

Bitcoin transactions began to rise gradually, breaking more records, after the number of traders increased with the increase in the number of investors in the digital currency market, and it seems that we are heading to break the 5 billion barrier.

The cost of Bitcoin Cash BTC spiked to another record high yesterday, with little left for it to reach the $ 50k mark, but it pulled out earlier today and tried the aid level of 47k, which is even appropriate.

As indicated in the new information, Bitcoin exchanges weekly broke previous records and reached another record of $ 4 billion.

As shown in the "Glassnode" stage, the accompanying assertion:

Bitcoin trading volume per week recently reached another record high of $ 4,300,000,000.

The BTC network saw a surprisingly massive traffic, these measurements confirm.

On top of that, the best cryptocurrency recently achieved another milestone by achieving another absolute market appreciation and gradually approaching nearly $ 1 trillion without precedent for a set of experiences.

More Members Join The Bitcoin :

Information shows that advanced sites with bitcoin, which were not exactly a month old, reached their highest levels yesterday.

As the cost of Bitcoin broke another number yesterday, the amount of Bitcoin merchants (addresses that Bitcoin had held for less than 30 days) reached its highest level in a long time.

This value expanded and rose to over 2 million Bitcoins (12% of the streaming supply) in February.

The figures above show that members are constantly joining BTC, and the pace has expanded following Tesla's speculation of $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin.

And Still Wait for more from the digital gold .


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