QuickSwap Liquidity goes to moon...

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So when the gasfee has gone up over the roof in Uniswap - where to go and make swaps fast, easy and cheap? A lot of people has rusched to Binance Chain. I have choosen QuickSwap. I have a big amount of money "locked" at uniswap still but some money has already been transferend to QuickSwap.

And I see a lot of people thinking the same. Look at the Liquidity in february. Thats impressing...


QuickSwap are similar like Uniswap but at Matic (2-layer-solution). I think they just rebrand to something else...
I transferend ETH to Matic and there make WEth and after that could swap, trade and put in as LP.

I am bad trader - but better LP. So I go for that. Just now, when so many just have start using this I can get be a big part of the liquidity.
This is pretty good. First days as LP I have over 200% APR. OF course that will go down but so far it is very good.

That is indeed my personal record. Have never been in a pool with over 200 % APR before. I use to be at the "bigger pairs" so usually be at 20-40 %.

See you at QuickSwap.
What to pay for a transfer? It was just some penny. Not a dollar last time I checked.