Justin Sun made me laugh today - Tron Network

I can't say that i like this guy personality, but he is relentless in his quest to provide value, even if some say that he is also relentless in copy/pasting other people work in order to improve his network. I was looking at his latest tweet and couldn't stop laughing. But then i was thinking, and he is partially right in his affirmations.

@justinsuntron · 2h ago
#Ethereum is like iPhone, #TRON is like Android. At the end of the day everyone will have a smart phone, but not everyone can afford iPhone. What matters the most is cheaper and scalability. TRON will eventually have more market shares than Ethereum just like Android did.

At the moment Ethereum has a serious problem with the fees, and i must admit that often i just exchanged some ethereum in tron just to transfer it from one exchange to another with minimal fees, and then i exchanged back. It is a good strategy to save some money, especially when you play with small amounts.

Even when you think at the blockchain games paying you, the games supporting Tron are much better at transferring small amounts of crypto than the ones using ETH, and my Tron blockchain games are responsible for most of the rewards that i get playing games. At the end of the month i pay 1 TRX for 400 TRX, for example, as opposed to 1 DAI for 2.5 DAI, or three consecutive fees of 5-7$ in ETH just to breed an Axie.

So, in conclusion, even if i do not approve Justin Tron gimmicks, the Tron network is useful for staking and gaming with low fees. Do you like Tron products or not? And why?

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